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    Hello everyone,
    So as you've already seen pixelcade is under going some major maintenance. This is because i'll be revamping it and changing the gamemode to Factions.. I thought i'd make up a thread updating everyone in the fine details.

    What's headed for the future?
    What I have planned is something unique and interesting for all players to enjoy. We will be doing events like, KOTHS (King of the hill) and competitions to get everyone involved in the community.

    What happened to Unknowncall?
    Unknown is still active just not on minecraft as much. He still is an owner of Pixelcade just more behind the scenes, He will be helping me with some Linux and plugin development work.

    What about Staff ranks and Ranks?
    Staff ranks will still be kept and no staff will be getting demoted. @StormSurgee is still the staff manager and will be helping me clear things up. Now the big fuss is in game ranks that people have bought. No ones ranks will be getting carried over to the new server UNLESS you bought it a week prior to prison shutting down then we can work something out. The reason why ranks won't be getting carried over is because it would take a whole week if not more to work out who had what etc. also because it's a new gamemode which I think everyone should experience..

    Now with that being said thanks to everyone who donated you did help keep pixelcade up and motivated me to start something up to help revive pixelcade. I'm hoping that this will be released by the 30th of this month which i'm sure it will be, The amazing staff team have helped me a lot through this and they're working hard to keep everyone happy so a big thanks to them! ;)

    Best Regards,
    Pixelcade Staff team.
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    This post is about proposing new rules and/or specifying already written rules. Right now, our current rules feel somewhat outdated and do not match the ongoing atmosphere of the server. Below, you can propose or specify already written rules for either the Official Pixelcade Rules, Forum Rules, and, new, TeamSpeak Rules. Follow the format. Discussion is encouraged.


    Category: (ie. "Forum Rules")

    Rule: (ie. "I propse"... or "Rule #4 should go into more detail")


    There are no bad ideas. Propose or change anything you would like to. Discussion will go on for about a week then the post will be locked. Do not put down other players for their ideas.
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    The Forums
    Hello all, this is a quick post about how you should use the forums. You should not spam the same topic over and over again. You should use the default text that is provided instead of color coding your messages. Doing this will make the post seem unprofessional and distracts readers from what is being discussed. Also, you should not post on something like you have the authority over someone, unless you actually do. Lastly, please take time to make your responses look clean. If you take a few extra minutes to format your message other people will come and see that you care about this topic. Some ideas for this is spilt your ideas up into different paragraphs, type in full and complete sentences, reread your post before posting, using titles and such to make the idea more understandable.

    P.S Remember color coding your whole message does not look good, it's ugly.
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    Community Manager
    The Newest Addition to Pixelcade


    The Community Manager is a new addition to Pixelcade that will be in charge of interacting with the community and planning server-wide events (excluding mine-parties, giveaways, etc.). We are looking for friendly people who are able to make good decisions and above all be mature and professional throughout their duties. If you wish to apply, reply to this thread by filling out the application below.

    Everyone is able to apply for this position.

    Once a successful applicant is found, the position will be added and begin their work immediately.



    Time Zone:

    Access to Microphone and Teamspeak?

    Past Experience:


    Additional Information:

    Thanks for Reading,