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    by Hoppys at 4:38 AM
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    Hello everyone,
    Thanks for you patience I know it's been a while since pixelcade was last up but as promised #BETA is now ready to be tested. As beta is going on I will be patching bugs until beta comes to an end which I believe is the 23rd of October, Until then I do hope you guys hit me up on the bugs and suggestions so I can implement them asap. Once beta is over I will then reset player Data and yes I will allow that you keep your faction bases and items in chests. Only things that will be resetting is inventories, homes, Money, kills, deaths and etc, I will be also adding in the rest of the fun features that you guys suggest and that I have already planned! Once again thanks for your patience and enjoy the new server. :)

    Server IP: play.pixelcade.net
    Server store: store.pixelcade.net
    TeamSpeak: ts3.pixelcade.co

    Kind regards,
    ~ PixelCade Staff team

    Voting is disabled until beta is over.
    by Hoppys at 2:59 AM
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    Hello everyone!
    So we're really close from launching beta and I'll need at least 5 Beta testers to test the server out to see if we have last minute bugs hiding. If you're interested in Testing the new server PM me your IGN and I will then add you to the whitelist which you can go around and have fun exploring. :)

    Once we no longer need testing I will make a new thread explaining the features and up coming updates of this new server and from there I will take whitelist off for everyone to enjoy! Thanks for your patience.

    Once we're ready to launch beta I will be clearing ALL data so no-one gets a head start. ;)

    Thanks again,
    ~ PixelCade Staff Team
    by Hoppys at 10:20 PM
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    Hello everyone,
    So as you've already seen pixelcade is under going some major maintenance. This is because i'll be revamping it and changing the gamemode to Factions.. I thought i'd make up a thread updating everyone in the fine details.

    What's headed for the future?
    What I have planned is something unique and interesting for all players to enjoy. We will be doing events like, KOTHS (King of the hill) and competitions to get everyone involved in the community.

    What happened to Unknowncall?
    Unknown is still active just not on minecraft as much. He still is an owner of Pixelcade just more behind the scenes, He will be helping me with some Linux and plugin development work.

    What about Staff ranks and Ranks?
    Staff ranks will still be kept and no staff will be getting demoted. @StormSurgee is still the staff manager and will be helping me clear things up. Now the big fuss is in game ranks that people have bought. No ones ranks will be getting carried over to the new server UNLESS you bought it a week prior to prison shutting down then we can work something out. The reason why ranks won't be getting carried over is because it would take a whole week if not more to work out who had what etc. also because it's a new gamemode which I think everyone should experience..

    Now with that being said thanks to everyone who donated you did help keep pixelcade up and motivated me to start something up to help revive pixelcade. I'm hoping that this will be released by the 30th of this month which i'm sure it will be, The amazing staff team have helped me a lot through this and they're working hard to keep everyone happy so a big thanks to them! ;)

    Best Regards,
    Pixelcade Staff team.
    by SecretAgentManG at 12:57 PM
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